1. Overview

1.1 Changes Overview

This release 2019-02 covers the following improvements:

  • The SEPM NEPLAN Interface implements the new ListXML Format*
  • A new interface for the NRM-Heating application to NEPLAN 360 has been added
  • The SEPM GDAL Dataset is now available in two versions: a freeware version for data display and a migration version for use in migration efforts.
  • XPlanung: An interface XPlanung GML to PostGIS written in Java allows import and export of XPlanung GML data to and from PostGIS.

*released for NRM-Heating, beta for NIS-Strom.

1.2 Installation/Upgrade

This version includes a new version of the helper program DwgAcp.exe. If you use the “AutoCAD DWG/DXF” format, you need to uninstall the existing DwgAcpSetup.msi and install the new Setup. Please also not the information below regarding the SW_ACP_PATH.

1.2.1. Information on used Libraries


The following version from gisinternals is used:

MSVC 2017 win32 release-1911-gdal-mapserver 2019-12-04 23:50:38 55a653d 448bf54

(imortant bug fixes for Postgresql 12 were only available in this version, for this reason no “stable release” was used this time.

NeplanAcp.exeUses Neplan_Api_Dll_and_Test_App_V10.8.2.0.zip (NEPLAN

1.2.2. Environment Variables for SEPM ACPs

While loading the software a file fixup_acp_path.magik in each corresponding module the environment variable SW_ACP_PATH gets amended. Therefore the SW_ACP_PATH must only be edited by hand in special cases. When upgrading to version 2019-02 corresponding entries in files like gis_alias should be removed.

SEPM ACPDescription
GdalAcp.exeSet to gdal_acp\bin
NeplanAcp.exeSet to neplan_acp\Release
reframe_acp.exeSet to reframe_acp\bin

Set to the default directory in the Setup, in this release:

C:\Program Files\SEPM\DwgAcp60

The SW_ACP_PATH must only be edited if you install the DwgAcpSetup.msi into an other directory.

2. SEPM X-Translator

2.2.1. Automat

An example to automate an X-Translator export using an Windows Command File is now included as a template and can be adapted if needed.

See x_translator\data\automat.

3. SEPM NEPLAN Interface

3.1.1. ListXML Format

NEPLAN has specified a new XML format (Neplan 10.8.0 List XML Manual.pdf). This version of the SEPM NEPLAN interface implements this format for the following applications:

  • NIS-Strom: Beta version of ListXML output: All data of the current XML interface are exported to the ListXML as well. Some final tests are still pending though, which is why the productive release will follow shortly.
  • NRM-Heating: ListXML output has been implemented for NRM-Heating and can be used in production.

3.1.2. NEPLAN NRM-Heating Interface

A new interface from NRM-Heating to NEPLAN 360/V10 has been added.

Heating data in NEPLAN 360 / V10

4. SEPM GDAL Dataset

The SEPM GDAL Dataset is now available in two versions

  • a freeware version for data display.
  • a migration version for use in migration efforts.

This version of the underlying helper program GdalAcp.exe was compiled with the latest binaries and tested among others with Posgresql 12 / PostGIS 3.0.

XPlanung GML data loaded into PostGIS displayed inside Smallworld.

5. SEPM ISYBAU Interface

5.1. ISYBAU Export

5.1.1. Data Source ‘Clipboard’

The selection of the export set can now be done through the clipboard.

6. XPlanung

6.1.1. Overview

The SEPM XPlanung Interface consists of the following parts:

1aXPlanungToPostGIS.jar: Import XPlanung GML to PostGIS
1b PostGISDeleteByHistoryId.jar: Deletion of an import
1c PostGISToXPlanung.jar: Export PostGIS to XPlanung GML
1d Display of XPlanung data Smallworld with the SEPM GDAL Dataset
1e Display of XPlanung data in third party clients (for example QGIS)
2 Interface to NRM-BPlan*
3 Interface to NRM- FNP*

(1) SEPM Version 2019-02
(2/4) SEPM Version 2020-01
(3/4) SEPM Version 2020-02

XPlanung GML data loaded into PostGIS displayed in QGIS.