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SEPM X-Database

The SEPM X-Database accomodates GIS background data for a variety of formats and data models for different regions: 

SEPM X-Translator

The SEPM X-Translator is a data translation interface for importing and exporting data in MIF, Shape, DXF, DWG, INTERLIS 1 and 2.3, Text, Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, KML, Leica GSI (import only, SVG (export only)) and other formats. The X-Translator transfers geometric and alphanumeric data, as well as visibility and style information, symbols, relations and enumerators and can be configured in a variety of ways.

SEPM X-Raster

SEPM X-Raster allows import (BMP, TIFF, PNG) and export (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, ECW) of raster data to and from Smallworld. 

SEPM Interfaces

The following interfaces are available:

SIA Interfaces
Export into the SIA model 1998 LK for NRM Gas, Water, District Heating, NIS Strom, PNI.
Export into the SIA model 2004 LK for NRM Gas, Water, District Heating
Export into the SIA model 2008 Waster Water for NRM Waster Water

NEPLAN  Interface 
Export from NIS Strom to NEPLAN

ISYBAU Interface 
Import of ISYBAU XML data into the SEPM X-Database ISYBAU.
Import and Export of ISYBAU XML data for the NRM Wastewater application.

SEPM Products Test Licenses

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